I could not be more tired of all the "Is Gawker dead?" conversation, but I do want to say this: Anyone who takes this job knows to expect a barrage of "you suck, [new person], bring back [recently departed person]," so whatever, but anyone who thinks Maggie Shnayerson and Alex Pareene have not already demonstrated the… » 1/13/08 5:46pm 1/13/08 5:46pm

The sympathy is appreciated, but honestly, I'm not the one that deserves it. I mean, yeah, I saw something awful, but it wasn't me splayed out on the street in a button-down shirt and tie with my eyes rolling about while some stranger cradled my head in what I have to assume were the kid's final moments. I'm sorry… » 9/27/07 7:17pm 9/27/07 7:17pm